Gain a Deeper Understanding of the messiah's genealogy

In 1982, Reader’s Digest decided to make the Bible easier to read and provided an abridged version. This condensed version of the Bible left out critical pieces. Among those passages removed were the many genealogies. This was an unfortunate error as genealogies are important in establishing the qualifications of the messiah.

There is no question that the Tanach contains ample prophetic testimony and genealogies regarding the coming, and the identity, of the messiah. 

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Gain a deeper understanding of the messiah's genealogy.  Get your free eBook today.

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The frequency with which genealogies appear in the Scriptures is evidence of their importance. Genealogies established one's Jewishness, one's tribal identity, one's right to the priesthood and one's right to kingship. The genealogies convey an important understanding of the fulfilment of prophecy and also of biblical law.

If you want to know who the messiah is and who he isn't, it is important to understand the required genealogy. Get the free eBook, “The Genealogy of the messiah” and gain a deeper understanding of the only line traced from the beginning to the end of biblical history, the line of King David. 

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